About our Associates

Escorted Tours Africa is a company that strives to provide customer focused hosted tours of South Africa with the emphasis on comfort and personal care. In reality, ETA is the front line of a few selected companies that provide the products and services we give our clients. The real work is performed by these associate companies that plan, arrange and book the tours that we host. It is the credibility and reliability of these associates that make a tour result in an entertaining and memorable experience. Getting it right is vital if we are to build trust with our clients and keep them coming back. We know that their support and ‘word of mouth’ is our future.

The following are the companies and people that enable Escorted Tours Africa to operate:

In South Africa

Merit Travel and Tours - Tania Lospoto, Owner/Travel Specialist

African Travel Gateway - Anna-Lee Botha, Travel Consultant/Tour designer

Athena Advertising - Deidre Tavares, Web Designer


In Australia

Great Value Holidays - Ashley Hayden, Group Marketing Director