Why choose Escorted Tours Africa?


Market researchers were surprised to find the most important feature tourists desire was not sun, surf and sand and not luxurious accommodation and not exotic locations – it was security. Travelers want to feel safe above everything else. Knowing that they will be free to enjoy their trip without being concerned about the risks of moving through a foreign country is paramount in importance.

Interestingly, Escorted Tours Africa was created before discovering this enlightening fact. The idea that we could provide an adventure for our customers that focuses on providing a personal, secure service just seemed to make sense. To find out how important this concept was showed that I was on the right track.

When I first decided to create a tour company I knew that if it was going to be successful it had to offer something different. I also knew from my past experiences as a tourist what I didn’t enjoy about tours – feeling like a number, not knowing about the area I was in and not being able to communicate effectively. Basically, a feeling of uncertainty. So it wasn’t difficult to come up with a concept that I believed would give my customers a great experience, the kind of experience that I would have enjoyed when I was a customer.

I wanted to make it personal and intimate - for 2 reasons. To improve the experience and give the feeling of security. I believe one of the ways to achieve this is by keeping the groups small, maximum 20 guests, and to be with them every step of the way. I am with all guests from the moment they arrive in South Africa until the time comes for them to board their plane for home. Furthermore, having lived in South Africa, Canada and Australia as well as a few months in the UK over the course of my life allows me to relate more closely with visitors from North America, Australia/New Zealand and Britain. It also allows them to relate more closely to me.


I have a passion for Africa – for the land and the people. And the people of Africa have a passion for life. Not only are they intelligent, most can communicate in several different languages. They love to laugh and require little to be happy. They’re polite, quick to smile and are always eager to help.

As for the land, it has incredible diversity. From tropical bushland to semi and full deserts, from 2000m high plateaus to lush coastlines, from majestic mountains to breathtaking gorges, this is an amazing land. And of course there is the wildlife. The Kruger National Park is rated as the best game reserve in the world in terms of number of species and operation.


Not only will I be your escort and guide, all transport also includes knowledgeable local guides. From the tour guide on the bus to the park ranger in the game reserves, there are a number of specialized guides to advise and impart knowledge. In addition, the website is continually updated and loaded with new and useful information. On a personal level, I have a sound knowledge of the history and geography of the country and should be able to answer most general knowledge enquiries relating to South Africa.


Although this is a small business, it is backed by a network of large and established companies. The tours are constructed with the help of a travel company with years of experience. The hotels, transport providers and airlines are all well-known enterprises with high customer ratings. The locations are carefully chosen through personal experience. All hotels are inspected for cleanliness and quality. The transport providers are tried and tested with qualified guides on every sector. Both the domestic and international airlines have some of the highest safety ratings in the industry. I believe in and stand behind the all of the operators we use for all of our tours. However, most important of all, I surround myself with knowledgeable people and I am guided by their expertise.


When all of the security, trust and knowledge issues have been addressed, how do you know that you will still have an exciting adventure?

Africa breathes adventure. And South Africa has so many world class game reserves and historical sites that adventure is unavoidable. You will see true African wildlife, the ‘Big Five’ in their natural environments. You will hear sounds of the evening as you drift off to sleep in a game reserve camp. See the real wilderness where humankind began and the amazing landscape at the edge of the escarpment. The desire for adventure is a primordial feeling, buried within the soul of all of us. Africa answers that call for adventure in way that no other land can. It has been said that when you leave Africa, you take a part of it with you forever.


Companies can be great is so many ways but they can still lack that personal touch.

Something that people are beginning to discover in an ever shrinking in size but ever increasing corporate world is the word ‘Boutique’ – Boutique Hotel, Boutique Brewery, Boutique Winery and now Boutique Tours. People today are discovering that small and specialised provides something that big business does not. It’s unique; it’s friendly and most of all its personal. Escorted Tours Africa is a small operation but networks with large suppliers. This allows us to give great personal service while still having the support of corporations and multi-nationals. It will be my pleasure to meet you when you arrive, be your personal contact throughout your visit and ensure that every question or problem is answered.

There may be many aspects to consider when choosing a tour company but I hope you will consider these when you make your choice.

About ETA






Welcome to Escorted Tours Africa. The concept is simple – to escort guests through an adventure in a wondrous land. To provide customers with a feeling of security through knowledge and experience. 24/7.


For many of us, there is something primal about Africa. Something that seems to call out to our deep subconscious. A voice from the distant past. A yearning to connect with a land that many have never seen yet have a feel for. So it’s no surprise when science tells us that all of the world’s humanity originated in Africa. Somehow we already knew that.


Stretching from the Cape of Good Hope to the border of Zimbabwe and surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian oceans, South Africa is a breathtakingly beautiful and diverse country. With a fascinating political history and truly amazing wildlife, there is so much to experience. It is a country with many ‘world’s best’. Depending on which travel guide you read, Cape Town is rated as either the most or 2nd most desirable city in the world to visit today and the Kruger National Park is considered to be the world’s best game reserve. Its wines are of the highest order and boast the oldest vineyards outside of Europe. Its people are cheerful and lively with an uncountable number of cultures in the mix, from Zulus to Koi San and from European to Asian. It is also a country with great infrastructure making travel easy and comfortable. In many ways it feels like a piece of Europe on the African continent. Yet unlike Europe, it is surprisingly inexpensive.


On our tours, we visit places like Cape Town and its surrounds which include the wine growing areas of Paarl and Stellenbosch. See where Africa emerges from beneath the waves at the convergence of the Indian and Atlantic oceans atop Table Mountain, with a 360 degree panoramic view and the historic city stretching out directly below. Travel through the picturesque wineland valleys and Old Dutch architecture of the Stellenbosch area. Even if you are not a wine enthusiast, the scenery of this region is magnificent.


Visit the economic centre of Africa, Johannesburg and stay in the luxurious suburb of Sandton. From Mandela Square to the Mayfair markets, there is something for everyone’s shopping taste here. Explore a region just north of the city known as the Cradle of Humankind, the largest deposit of hominid fossilised bones in the world and walk through the archaeological centre located there. South Africa is dotted with game reserves, from the Cape to its borders with Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia but the undeniable jewel in the crown of wildlife parks is the world renowned Kruger National Park.


The highlight of our tours, the Kruger National Park is considered by many to be the best managed reserve in the world. It has the largest number of species of any game reserve, including the Big 5 – Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino and of course, Lion  in an area is left in a totally natural state making the viewing experience as good as it gets. Take in the spectacular views along the Panorama route through the great escarpment of South Africa with stops who’s names hint at the majestic beauty of the area like ‘God’s Window’.


Also available are excursions in other countries such as Victoria Falls in Zambia, Etosha pan in Namibia and Okavango delta in Botswana

And throughout the tours we will indulge in the incredible South African cuisine.

I have a passion for this land and a love for sharing it with others. I hope you will join us for what may be the greatest experience of your life – Africa.






In today’s internet world where making travel arrangements online is commonplace, you may well ask why should you consider booking with Escorted Tours Africa? If cost is the reason then consider this - with the resources available to us, we are able to piece together tours at prices well below the price offered to the public online or via any other method. Even when we add the cost of a host or escort or guide, we are still able to offer tours at a price lower than would be possible to book privately online.


We also know Africa, especially South Africa, like few others do. We don't just 'sell off a brochure' like most travel agents do. We go to each and every venue or location, experience each and every tour and converse directly with each and every vendor. If we don't enjoy an experience or are not impressed with the quality of a venue or if for any reason we don't feel that we can recommend the product or service - we don't. We personally evaluate everything before we offer it to our guests so you can rest assured that your hotel room will be clean and comfortable, your transport will be safe and reliable, your guide will be friendly and knowledgeable and that your experience will be interesting and entertaining. 


Not only do we know our product and service well, we know the land equally well. Our guides are all accredited with years of training and experience as are our transport vendors. The lodges and resorts we use are staffed with specifically trained experts with profound local knowledge and understanding. Our wildlife guides are university graduates and the spotters are local tribesmen with knowledge handed down through generations of living off of the land.  Finally, we live and work here - every day.


Package this all together and the end result is security. The security that comes from intimate local knowledge and a belief in what we are providing. There is a personal pride in what we do. It truly matters to us that your experience in Africa is amazing and that you will leave with lifetime memories.


So if knowledge, experience, cost and security are factors likely to affect your decision on how you book travel to Africa then you should consider booking with Escorted Tours Africa. 


Kevin Mann Tour Host



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